Coronavirus Update - We Remain Open

The government have said that on-line shops and businesses can and, if possible, should remain open to provide their goods and services.

At Fancy Tapes there is no personal risk inside the warehouse and we are both self-isolating at home by choice. The courier collections are now being left ready for a collection in a weatherproof storage box to be picked up at the courier’s convenience. Post office trips are being minimised to once or perhaps twice a week depending on volume. We use the Royal Mail’s Drop & Go service so have no need to wait in line, we just drop off our bags. 

So for now, it’s business as usual for Fancy Tapes, with some reduction of speed where delivery is concerned. .

Safety Advice

When you receive your packet from us, assume that the outer packaging might be contaminated by all the handling it has received on the way to you. If possible, open the package outside your home or workplace and tip the contents (without touching) onto a clean surface or into some kind of receptacle (bag, clean box, bowl etc) and throw away the packaging, wash your hands and then take the products back into the house with you. .