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  1. Special Offer!  Fluorescent Gaffer Tape
    From: £7.96

    Pro-Gaff premium branded gaffer tape.

    Gaffer tape is typically used on floors to secure wiring for stage, film sets and trade stands. Also on commercial carpets, climbing gym walls and a large number of miscellaneous uses.

    Pro-Gaff gaffer tapes remove cleanly, have a non-reflective matte finish, great conformability, and tear easily into shorter strips. It adheres more easily and for longer periods than duct tape on difficult surfaces.

    Excellent for hula hoops and all flow toys where the textured surface creates friction against the body and thus enhances grip.

    Pro-Gaff is 11 mils thick and works up to 93˚C ( 200˚F). 25mm gaffer tape is available in 14 standard colours and 5 bright fluorescent colours (that glow under UV light).

    These tapes comply with the European Union RoHS directive.

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  2. Gear Tape
    This glossy, bright striped tape is sold in die-cut strips 8mm high on Letter sized sheets 22cm x 28cm. The sheets and strips can be cut to the desired length with scissors. Gear- Tape is a high-temperature proof (149˚C) adhesive vinyl tape. Learn More
  3. Camouflage Cloth Tape

    Regular Price: £8.45

    Special Price £6.00

    Pro-Gaff premium branded gaffer tape, printed and finished in-house by Pro-Gaff. Learn More
  4. Electrical Tape
    From: £2.95
    All-weather, UL Listed, RoHS compliant and CPSIA compliant, these premium grade electrical tapes are safe for child contact. Learn More
  5. Photoluminescent Jessup 7550 (Outdoor)
    Jessup #7550 Ultra-premium (24-hour) Outdoor Rated Photoluminescent Adhesive Vinyl Tape. Ivory in daylight, glows greenish white. Learn More
  6. Colour Coding / Harness Tape
    This self-adhesive tape is highly conformable and temperature rated to 105˚C (however it has been tested to withstand 143˚C). It is autoclave-proof and copes with commercial dish-washing. Learn More
  7. Photo-luminescent Gaffer Tape


    Shurtape P-661 and ProGlow Gaff are premium gaffer products that glow in the dark. They boast the same high quality adhesive system as P-665 therefore; it has good adhesion and clean removability. Applications for stage safety are numerous, including marking stairs, exits, etc.


    • . Excellent conformability allows it to be used on a wide variety of surfaces.
    • . Printable and can be die-cut to shapes or to size.
    • . Clean removability.
    • . Good adhesion.
    • . Glows in the dark.


    • . Total tape thickness: 12.5 mils
    • . Tensile strength: 48 lbs. per inch
    • . Adhesion to steel: 80 oz. per inch
    • . Application Temperature: 45°F to 200°F
    • . Illumination Meter (ASTM E 2073-07): 21.62 lux (mcd/m²) (10 minutes after activation) 4 lux (mcd/m²) (60 minutes after activation)
      • Note: The above are typical values and should not be used in writing specifications.

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  8. Whiteboard Marking Tape
    From: £3.16
    This quality whiteboard tape is available in seven colors and three widths - 1.5mm, 3mm and 12mm Learn More
  9. Photoluminescent Jessup 7530 (Outdoor)
    From: £28.96
    Jessup #7530 Long-life (10-hour) Outdoor Rated Photoluminescent Adhesive Vinyl Tape. Off-white in daylight,glows greenish white Learn More
  10. Photo Black
    From: £15.00
    Photo/Film Masking Tape A specialist paper masking tape with an opaque black matt finish surface to help ensure the light free masking required for high quality photo reproduction and film making. A lightweight tape, easily tearable by hand, conformable and quick to stick. Ideal for delicate surfaces such as wallpaper, paintwork or hardwood floors with a protective finish on the surface. Suitable for: Photo edging and cropping Floor spot marking Securing cable on delicate surfaces Chart tape Arts and craft projects Book repair Learn More

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