1" x 36 ft Silver Crystals Holographic Tape

1" x 36 ft Silver Crystals Holographic Tape

A new range of holographic crystals pattered tape. Ideal for hula hoops and other fun equipment. The crystal patterns sparkle bright and sharp giving rainbow spectrum flashes of light against their pretty background of shiny silver.

These beautiful holographic adhesive tapes are a high quality, durable product. They have a peel-off backing.

These tapes comply with the European Union RoHS directive, which strictly limits/prohibits the concentration of lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, cadmium, PBBs, and PBDE.

Serving suggestions:
Hobby crafts and fashion accessories requiring sparkle
Personalising household objects such as picture frames, lamp bases and mirrors
Taping hula hoops, juggling and stage performance items, sports, dance, gym and acrobatic equipment
Adding sparkle accents to cars, bikes, jet skis, skateboards and skates
Entertainment industry equipment
Film, theatre, and TV usage

Product Code: DH0080

£5.30 each

(includes 20% VAT)